Acne No More How To Get Rid Of Pimples, Zits And Acne
09 Feb 2013 
It's a common belief that pimples and acne only affect teenagers, but that just isn't true. Anyone of any age can have annoying acne trouble. So, if you or someone you know is suffering from adult acne problems, you need to be able to separate pimple removal myths from facts, in order to get rid of your pimple problem. It's important to learn everything you can about pimples so you can rid yourself of this unsightly problem.
What is acne? Well, acne it a fairly common skin condition. Normally, the skin produces oils, which help it to stay moisturized. When the skin gets too oily, though, the pores get plugged up. That causes pus-filled pimples and cysts to appear on the skin. Those pimples and cysts are both ugly and, usually, uncomfortable.
Development of Acne and Pimple Problems
Diet plays a role in acne, according to many people. That may well be true, but it isn't the only cause. It's only a contributing factor. There are many things that can create an acne problem.
Everyone has oil glands that help to moisturize their skin. If your glands produce too much oil, it can definitely cause or contribute to your acne problem. Also, if dirt or other debris clogs your pores, that can create acne issues too. In fact, anything that causes your skin to be irritated or inflamed can cause acne.
Options for Clearer Skin
The first step to clearing up your pimples is to take a good hard look at the products you apply to your face. You need to take good care of your skin, in order to avoid outbreaks. To do that, one key step is to use skin care products that are oil-free. If you reduce the oil on your skin, you can stop problem pimples. You should also be sure to clean your face thoroughly and remove all of your make up before you go to bed. Just by following those simple pieces of advice, you can reduce your acne outbreaks by quite a bit.
Of course, some people have more serious acne outbreaks than others. Based on how serious your outbreaks are, you may need to look at other acne treatment options. Some acne treatments don't work for some people, or they only work temporarily. If you do a little research, you can find the treatment that works the best for you.
Whether it's creams, ointments or even a home made remedy, there are lots of treatments available, if you have a mild case of acne. You might have a severe case that can't be cured that way, though. If that's the case, talk to a dermatologist, or, at least, your regular doctor. They can recommend a course of treatment for you, which might involve using medication to treat your acne. On the other hand, they might just tell you to change your daily routine a bit. Either way, they can help you to find a good fix for your pimple problems.
Clearer skin is not impossible. All you have to do is find the right acne treatment and remember to use it. You need to be consistent. If you skip treatments, your acne problems will never clear up, after all. So, follow the instructions on the treatment labels or from your doctor and clear up your acne quickly.

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Acne No More: Acne No More

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Acne No More How To Get Rid Of Acne, Over-The-Counter, Prescription Treatments Can Be Most Effective
09 Feb 2013 
Pimples, spots, and blackheads, are all symptoms of acne, a disease which mainly affects younger people. Acne vulgaris, the most common type, mostly affects young people just past the age of puberty, although it may continue into their adult life. No one should need to suffer the low self-esteem, embarrassment and misery of this disease, because the condition can be effectively treated. Over-the-counter treatments from pharmacies can clear up many mild cases, and more severe cases can be treated by prescription drugs from a doctor. This article explains how to get rid of acne.
Acne is a condition which mostly affects the young. Normally the problem starts at puberty, but it can continue when the sufferer becomes an adult. Adult women may also suffer due to hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy, or during monthly periods. Disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome may also cause the condition in adult women.
Acne occurs in sebaceous follicles, which are found in high densities on the face, neck, upper back, and upper chest. Sebaceous follicles secrete a natural skin lubricant (sebum), and pimples and blackheads can be the result of hormonal changes which cause follicles to become blocked, and to secrete more sebum than normal.
When the sebum in a blocked follicle is open to the air it will oxidize, turning to a dark color, and causing a blackhead. When it is closed off, it cannot oxidize, but it can be subject to a bacterial infection, which causes redness and soreness. These red inflammations are called pimples. Severe cases can lead to permanent scarring.
Mild cases can be cleared up by topical creams and gels which may be bought over-the-counter in any pharmacy. More severe cases can be treated by a doctor, who will prescribe a stronger cream or gel (such as benzoyl peroxide), and an antibiotic, which will treat the bacterial infection causing the pimples.
The most severe cases often require the use of medications known as retinoids. These are extremely effective, but they can have quite severe side-effects, and must only be taken under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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Acne No More: Acne No More

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This article, the best article ever, kindly provided by

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09 Feb 2013 
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